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Gender selection: Australian couple spent $50,000 and travelled to US to have baby girl

Couple sought out gender selection treatment, which is illegal in Australia, after having three boys

With three sons already, Jayne Cornwill and her husband Jon were intent on having a baby girl to complete their “family puzzle”.

So much so, when it came to a fourth child, the couple decided to travel to the US for gender selection treatment – a controversial procedure banned in Australia.

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The $50,000 Daughter

The cost of the "perfect family" is steep, financially and morally.

From the time she was a small girl, Jayne Cornwill wanted to be a mom. That sounds sweet, but wait for the rest of it. She didn’t want to mother just any child. She specifically wanted a little girl.

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The Facts About Egg Donation

For a woman who has been through a number of failed IVF cycles, egg donation gives new hope, while for women who are unable to provide eggs for IVF, it offers a reasonable alternative.

There are many reasons why a woman may be unable to produce eggs including genetic diseases, chemotherapy and unexplained infertility. But age is certainly a key contributing factor. By the time a women reaches her 40th birthday, adoption or egg donation may be her last remaining options.

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Tina Malone - This Morning 7th November 2014

After dropping almost 12 stone, with the aid of a gastric band, in order to receive the IVF treatment she was desperate for, Tina and her husband finally conceived their daughter Flame, who was born last year. 

She seems to have turned her life around, she has a healthy happy baby, is paying of her bankruptcy debts and looks better than ever. 

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning she said: "I lost 11 stone 4 pounds, to get the IVF, in about 19 months."

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Designer babies: Should gender selection be legal?

AUSTRALIAN couples are now travelling to the United States to access fertility clinics to choose their unborn baby’s gender.

While most couples are satisfied if they give birth to healthy baby – boy or girl – others yearn for a particular gender.

As well as being able to screen embryos for genetic diseases, the IVF pre-implantation technology allows parents to screen and select the sex of their baby.

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